"The Current Topics in Immunology class I am currently in has stood out to me. It helps me to better understand what is occurring in my own body as well as in others."

Vivian Eberly
Foley, Alabama

Why immunology: Personal exploration

I have struggled with immunodeficiency my entire life — a poor immune system, arthritis, type 1 diabetes and more. Not only do I want to learn more about what is occurring in my own body, but I also hope to one day help others who are experiencing immune-related illnesses.

Giving back

I hope to be involved in diabetes research and to one-day practice endocrinology. I see how much of a difference my doctors have had on myself and others, and how much more there is to learn about diabetes and other immunologic diseases.

What's your favorite part of the immune system?

"Macrophages. I would say B cells, but mine made antibodies against me." – Vivian Eberly

Macrophage Photo courtesy of NIAID