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The International Studies program provides students with the 21st-century skills needed to navigate our interdependent world and find employment in an increasingly globalized economy. Our graduates are dynamic, entrepreneurial, and responsible world citizens who can communicate, interact, and work across boundaries of all sorts — national, cultural, and socio-economic.Stylized image of a city.

International Studies (ITS) is an interdisciplinary major. It integrates courses on world affairs with area-studies courses on specific world regions. Students can choose to concentrate on Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or South America. ITS students graduate with a broad yet deep knowledge of cultures, organizations, and societies outside the United States — a different educational experience than any traditional discipline might offer.

The major requirements are structured so that our students can craft a curriculum that meets their interests and career aspirations. While they must take a set of required courses, they can then choose from a variety of courses in three thematic areas:

  • economic awareness
  • socio-political awareness, and
  • cultural literacy.

Students are also asked to show second-year proficiency in a world language and complete a study away experience.

Please contact the program director for more information about the International Studies program.

Renato Corbetta.
Dr. Renato Corbetta

Program Director
(205) 934-2336