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The International Studies Club

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The International Studies Club welcomes ITS majors and students from other disciplines who share a passion for international developments, global issues, and foreign cultures and languages. UAB has the privilege of having one of the most diverse student bodies in the country. The ITS Club contributes to our campus's friendly community by providing an forum for students from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives who have creative ideas they want to share.

The ITS Club routinely organizes, sponsors, and participates in a vast range cultural events, lectures, roundtables, panels, movie screenings, and other initiatives. In recent semesters it has organized events on topics such as human trafficking, world hunger, global terrorism, government surveillance, and civil wars, and it has sponsored campus visits by the director of the International Studies Association and the Norwegian Ambassador to the United States.

To join the ITS Club, please contact the group on Facebook: UAB International Studies Club.