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  • Celebrate Darwin Day 2024 with UAB’s Department of Biology
    Hosted by the UAB Department of Biology, Darwin Day 2024 will be an opportunity to learn about current UAB research and listen to keynote speaker Athena Aktipis, Ph.D., host of the podcast “Zombified.” 
  • Learn about the civil rights movement in Atlanta and Birmingham in a virtual panel Jan. 17
    Speakers for “A Tale of Two Cities: Atlanta and Birmingham During the Civil Rights Movement” will shed light on how city governments, civil society leaders and urban geographies can advance or obstruct racial justice and human rights.
  • 2023 recipient of the Ireland Award for Scholarly Distinction is Sarah Parcak
    Sarah H. Parcak, Ph.D., Professor in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Department of Anthropology, has been awarded the 2023 Caroline P. and Charles W. Ireland Award for Scholarly Distinction.
  • UAB students awarded prestigious Gilman International and Freeman-ASIA scholarships to study abroad
    Six students have been named Gilman Scholars and two students received Freeman-Asia scholarships to study in Europe and Asia.
  • Anthropology student earns internship with Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
    This summer, UAB Student Nick Long will complete an internship with the center’s archaeological laboratory, which hosts one the largest archaeological databases in the United States.
  • Learning Together: Connecting anthropology and criminal justice in the classroom
    Interdisciplinary collaborations are heavily promoted and extolled within academia, but, sometimes, there are challenges in realizing them. This is even more true for seemingly unrelated disciplines. As a forensic chemist and a cultural anthropologist, we are excited to share a collaborative and fruitful exercise we recently pursued based on different disciplinary approaches to the study of drugs.
  • UAB students will participate in the 2023 International Peace Conference, May 5-6 in Birmingham
    Students of peace, justice and human rights at UAB will join global thought leaders in the two-day, immersive event — focused on the pursuit of peace at all levels of society.
  • College of Arts and Sciences announces grant recipients
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s College of Arts and Sciences offers faculty a range of awards and grant opportunities to advance their research and scholarship and recognize their achievements.
  • Faculty, student interest drives expansion of sustainability curriculum
    This summer, more faculty than ever took part in the Red Mountain Project, a UAB Sustainability initiative demonstrating how to incorporate the topic into new or existing courses. Students want to know more about sustainability, participants say, and their cohort offered “a base of people to connect with and brainstorm ideas.”
  • Gezon selected to lead Department of Anthropology
    Lisa Gezon, Ph.D., has been named the chair of the Department of Anthropology in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Kacey Keith pursuing justice and peace in her career
    Kacey Keith often encounters conflict when addressing structural and cultural harm through her work as a consultant, and she has an appreciation for people who are willing and prepared to face disputes head-on.
  • 2022 Padma Award recipients named
    The Padma Award recognizes UAB faculty, staff and students who go the extra mile in support of underrepresented populations.
  • I am Arts and Sciences: Charles Scribner
    Charles Scribner exemplifies school pride when he reflects on his time at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  • College of Arts and Sciences offering two new minors
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) College of Arts and Science is offering two new minors for undergraduate students.
  • UAB panel dives into the Ukraine crisis
    A panel including experts from across UAB will discuss the Ukraine crisis and its implications for geopolitics and human rights.
  • I am Arts and Sciences: Rosie O’Beirne
    Pursuing what you love doing can lead you in unlikely directions in your career. For Rosie O’Beirne, her background in anthropology informs her work as University of Alabama at Birmingham’s chief digital strategy and marketing officer every day—a somewhat surprising (and valuable) connection.
  • I am Arts and Sciences: Joshua L. Baker
    When speaking with Joshua L. Baker, Principal Owner and Managing Director of Baker Camp Arnold Capital Management, you cannot overlook his passion for history. In fact, most of the artifacts and framed items on his office walls are testaments to his deep interest in the discipline.
  • 1850s horror Twitter, recursive propaganda, mapping mutations: Faculty grants seed new projects and nurture careers
    Projects selected for the UAB Faculty Development Grants Program offer an intriguing look into the creativity and range of research and scholarship on campus.
  • Uncovering the power of human rights education at UAB
    Although both of her parents graduated from UAB’s School of Medicine, attending the university was not part of Katie Fagan’s long-term plan — at least not at first.
  • Uncovering the power of human rights
    While growing up in Birmingham, Katie Fagan lived a few blocks away from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Although both of her parents graduated from UAB’s School of Medicine, attending the university was not part of Fagan’s long-term plan. At least not at first.

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