Department of Computer Science

  • Smartphone-powered emergency alert system developed at UAB

    Researchers at UAB have developed an emergency alert system that uses inexpensive Bluetooth beacons to alert users of hazards during natural disasters.

  • Celebrate 23 books authored by CAS faculty in 2020

    Writing a book isn’t easy, but faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences produced nearly two-dozen — for the second year in a row. Twenty faculty from 13 departments wrote books on police violence, John Milton, democracy in Bangladesh, addiction, postcommunist theatre and more.

  • Two UAB researchers receive nearly $1.3 million in grant funding

    With the funding, Da Yan, Ph.D., will study how newly emerging services are changing the way Alabamians travel every day, and Paul Baker, Ph.D., will work toward the development of an artificial vascular graft.

  • Works by musicians with UAB ties featured in Birmingham Art Music Alliance project

    The double CD “Alabama String Quartets” features original music by composers living in Alabama — including Matthew Scott Phillips, Brian Moon, Chris Steele and Monroe Golden — performed by Amernet String Quartet.

  • UAB program recognized as Top 25 Best Online degree

    The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program in the UAB Department of Physics has been recognized as a Top 25 Best Online program by The Bachelor’s Degree Center.

  • Interdisciplinary data science workshop moves from San Diego to spare bedrooms, but science continues

    Learn how UAB bioinformaticist Jake Chen, Ph.D., and computer scientist Da Yan, Ph.D., shifted their venerable gathering online and aided the fight against COVID-19.

  • UAB computer science professor receives National Science Foundation grant for collaborative research

    A College of Arts and Sciences professor received a five-year grant to fund the collaborative research for microbes associated with marine invertebrates using computational approaches.

  • Research: Improving the security and usability of Zoom’s end-to-end encryption protocol

    A UAB expert investigates Zoom’s security code validation approach for the online safety of users.

  • Likely molecular mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis are revealed by network biology

    These molecular insights may foster effective therapies using existing drugs for patients with COVID-19.

  • UAB team wins AHA prize for project mapping links between health disparities and COVID-19

    An interdisciplinary team of faculty and graduate students are using machine learning to identify geographic areas in which social determinants contribute to the COVID-19 burden as a way to improve the public health response.

  • What 10 mentors learned from teaching graduate students and postdocs

    Ten graduate faculty were honored with the UAB Graduate Dean’s Excellence in Mentorship Award during a virtual reception Sept. 9. See what the award recipients say they learned from UAB’s up-and-coming scientists.

  • Fast Slow Motion endows new scholarship in Computer Science


    Computer Science student Isabelle Brown has been selected as the first recipient of the Fast Slow Motion Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science for the 2020-2021 academic year.


    Computer Science student Isabelle Brown has been selected as the first recipient of the Fast Slow Motion Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    Fast Slow Motion is a Birmingham-based company founded by UAB alumnus John Burdett, who graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2000. Fast Slow Motion provides support for companies and organizations using Salesforce, a cloud computing firm specializing in customer relationship management.

    About the scholarship

    Fast Slow Motion established the new scholarship in February 2020 with a goal to provide funding to high-achieving students in the Department of Computer Science with a proven track record of success. Fast Slow Motion hopes to “support future leaders in Birmingham” by identifying these rising tech stars and helping them alleviate some of the financial pressures they face.

    “This scholarship demonstrates our dedication to the advancement of Birmingham’s technology ecosystem,” Burdett says. “Fast Slow Motion is pleased to partner with UAB to recognize exceptional computer science talent and encourage them to begin their careers here.”

    Department of Computer Science professor and chair Yuliang Zheng, Ph.D., agrees that this support will be transformative. “This new scholarship means a lot to our students,” he says. “It will help attract more talented students into our programs to learn from world class experts who have state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in cyber security, machine learning, data science, and mobile computing, all of which are indispensable to the economic development of the region and the state. We are deeply grateful to Fast Slow Motion for their generous support.”

    About Isabelle

    Isabelle Brown is a sophomore with a 4.0 GPA. A native of Huntsville, she was so exceptional as a freshman that associate professor John Johnstone, Ph.D., identified her right away as someone who showed great promise.

    “Isabelle was one of [my] truly special students, so I invited her to join a small research group this semester that includes my top four students,” Johnstone says. “She’s very motivated and is a gifted student with the perfect attitude to excel—patiently impatient to learn. This scholarship is perfectly fitted to encourage students like her.”

    Brown says she was drawn to Computer Science for its flexibility. “The field is so diverse and will continue to be,” she says. “Computer science can be incorporated into almost any career and have an immense impact. It has a huge capacity for creativity and it allows me to be innovative and think outside the box to solve complex problems.”

    With plans for graduate study in Computer Science, Brown says the Fast Slow Motion Endowed Scholarship will empower her to broaden her knowledge. “The Fast Slow Motion scholarship will allow me to take additional classes to further explore computer science ideas and topics. That will allow me to gain more skills to help both my future academic endeavors and my career goals.”

    Burdett says great things are ahead for this first recipient. “We congratulate Isabelle for her achievement,” he says. “We’re looking forward to seeing her fulfill her potential.”

  • Faculty with ‘an opportunity to rethink everything’ share lessons from spring semester

    Pro-style teaching videos, interactive Canvas modules, Zoom breakout rooms: Four faculty adapted their courses in innovative ways to boost engagement and collaboration — and they plan to continue using these techniques.

  • UAB National Alumni Society Top 25 Excellence in Business Awards

    The 2020 UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 event was a little different this year, but the celebration, held via Zoom on Thursday, June 25, was just as meaningful as previous award ceremonies.

    The 2020 UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 event was a little different this year, but the celebration, held via Zoom on Thursday, June 25, was just as meaningful as previous award ceremonies. Nine College of Arts and Sciences alumni were honored as members of the 2020 class—we are very proud of their achievements.

    These deserving graduates were among 25 UAB alumni recognized for their success at a company they founded, owned, or managed. The UAB National Alumni Society has ranked and verified the nominated companies based on the annual growth rate for the three most recent reporting periods.

    Companies being considered for an Excellence in Business Award must meet the following criteria:

    1. The company must be owned, managed or founded by a UAB graduate (or group of graduates) who meets one of the following:
      • Owned 50 percent or more of the company during the most recent eligible period.
      • Served on the most senior/division leadership team (chairman, CEO, president, partner, vice president, broker, etc.) during the eligible period.
    2. The company has been in operation for a minimum of three years prior to December 31, 2019.
    3. The company has verifiable revenues of at least $150,000 for its most recent 12-month reporting period.

    Congratulations to our deserving graduates!


    Aldrich is the president and co-founder of Airship, a software development firm in Birmingham. Airship deploys a wide array of technologies to service clients in 11 states and across a range of industries, including healthcare, construction, retail, insurance, real estate, non-profit, and fitness. Aldrich graduated with a B.S. in computer and information sciences in 2008.


    Baker is the owner and managing director of Baker Camp Arnold Capital Management, a premier, full-service financial advisory firm located in Hoover, Alabama, with a nationwide presence. The firm offers clients concierge-quality advisory and planning services customized for their individual needs and goals. Its approach is to centralize clients’ diverse financial strategies and life plans to provide a coordinated, efficient, and effective road map for financial security. Baker graduated with a B.A. in history in 2004.


    Burdett graduated with a B.S. in computer and information sciences in 2000. Today he is the CEO of Fast Slow Motion, which offers expert Salesforce guidance for growing businesses. The company focuses on implementing Salesforce as a platform to run businesses so companies can focus on growth—not managing technology or worrying about operations. Its team has expertise across a wide range of businesses and industries.


    Forestall founded SecurIT360 in 2009. The full-service, cybersecurity and compliance consulting firm has grown consistently year after year. With offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Birmingham, SecurIT360 has partnered with hundreds of organizations nationwide and abroad to measure, monitor, and respond to cyber risk. Forrestall graduated with a B.S. in physics in 1996.


    Maluff graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in 1996. Today, he is an owner of Full Moon Bar-B-Que, one of the Southeast’s most popular restaurants. Joe and his brother David bought the original restaurant and have grown the business while still maintaining the landmark restaurant’s family feel. Full Moon employs 345 people across Alabama.


    McLaughlin is CEO of Trio Safety CPR+AED, a family of four life-saving brands designed to prepare the general public to save lives with AEDs, CPR, first-aid training, and bleeding control kits. They employ 13 team members in Birmingham and have nearly 40 contractors nationwide. McLaughlin graduated in 2009 with a degree in Communication Studies.


    Smith graduated in 2009 with a Masters in Public Administration, and today she is the owner and principal of Smith Strategies Association Management, which provides resources to help member associations succeed. Smith began in 2016 with the Alabama chapter of the American College of Cardiology. Four years later, the company manages seven membership associations that collectively have more than 3,500 members and a budget of more than $7 million.


    Waggoner is CEO of Higher Yields Consulting, a cannabis consulting firm located in Denver, Colorado. Higher Yields provides assistance for businesses seeking guidance and advice in this highly competitive industry. The company provides government support, compliance training, garden management, commercial facility build and design services, branding, and business development services. Waggoner graduated with a B.S. in Justice Sciences in 2009


    Wu is Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMap, which has a goal to provide the world’s best HD mapping and localization services for autonomous vehicles and smart cities. Founded in 2016, DeepMap employs about 140 people, including a growing team of experienced engineers and product visionaries. It partners with global companies including Ford, Honda, SAIC Motor, Bosch, Daimler, and Einride. Wu graduated with an M.S. in computer and information sciences in 2001 and a Ph.D. in 2003.

  • Leah Perz, graduating student, begins family legacy as UAB Blazers

    Honors College student Leah Perz will graduate this Saturday, May 2, with her parents following her footsteps, for all to be a part of the UAB Blazer community.

  • Criminals Are Playing the Imitation Game

    UAB computer science researchers fight fakes online and on our phones
    Story by Cary Estes • Illustrations by Rachel Hendrix

  • Computer science students use innovation, technology for drone ideation project

    A UAB instructor gave his students the chance to work on a group ideation drone project, developing new ways to use drones for farming.

  • Coronavirus and cybercrime — hackers use COVID-19 as phishing bait

    UAB expert Gary Warner and UAB Information Technology provide tips on how to protect yourself from cybercrime during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • How to fill out the 2020 Census: best practices to protect yourself from cyberphishing attacks

    Follow the recommended guidelines for filling out the 2020 Census form to better protect yourself from cyberphishing attacks, plus other details you should know.

  • Catch up on your reading with one of these 13 books authored by CAS faculty

    Do you have more time on your hands while social-distancing? Faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences published 13 books in 2019 on subjects ranging from lifestyles and aging to advancements in satellite archaeology.