Make a Difference in Your World

Whether you are an educator seeking to expand your teaching and research skills or someone who recognizes that knowing more about social research can help you build a better career in business or the non-profit sector, this program equips you with knowledge than can change your world.

Designed for busy professionals, our online MA in Applied Sociology provides a perfect solution for people whose desire to pursue graduate study might otherwise be blocked by career and/or family commitments. It provides the strong disciplinary training and research experience needed to prepare you for careers in business, education, charitable organizations, or government agencies.

A Focus on Research and Practice

We believe research and practice go hand-in-hand. They are each part of a larger process in which theory and application constantly enlighten one another. Recent work by faculty and graduate students in the Sociology department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham includes:

  • Sleeping in homeless encampments to document the life of homeless people.
  • Studying the potentially beneficial effects of communication technology such as smartphones and computers on nursing home residents.
  • Searching for explanations of why average lifespan is decreasing for women in some rural counties in the US.

An Emphasis on Diversity

We also belive diversity is essential to the strength and success of any academic program. Students in our classes have come from the Middle East and the American Midwest, from California and the Carolinas and states in between. Some have recently completed undergraduate degrees, others have been in the workforce for several years, and some already hold advanced degrees. Perhaps the one thing they have in common is their commitment to pursue advanced study.

A Flexible Online Opportunity

The program is offered completely online. It is especially well-suited for a variety of educators wanting to enhance their teaching and research skills, administrators aiming to improve work environments, and retail and financial professionals with an interest in consumer culture. If you have specific career goals or unique intellectual objectives, you may propose an emphasis designed to meet your needs. We are committed to offering at least 10 online classes a year, which means a full-time student can complete the online MA in three semesters.

Please explore our program and admissions requirements. You can find out more about online learning through the UAB eLearning website. Questions? Email Cullen Clark, Director, Online MA in Applied Sociology Program, at, call (205) 934-8680, or fill out this online form.