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Mission Statement

The Center MissionThe mission of the Center is to create and promulgate innovative solutions to emerging and enduring threats to business, industry, and government using state-of-the-art research and advanced development activities undertaken by Center personnel. The foundation of the Center includes business and government relations, education, training, and scholarship that support its core areas. Those areas then generate outcomes including new intellectual property, workforce development, and economic development.

Vision Statement

The Center is committed to becoming a premier, world-class research center. We look to foresee and tackle today’s vulnerabilities in information assurance, information intelligence/analytics, and forensics and provide innovative, tangible solutions to ensure a more secure, productive world.


The continued partnership among academia, government, and the private sector will foster novel research and developments in the cyber community. As a premier academic center for cyber research and forensic science, UAB has an opportunity to continue to develop and expand its boundaries to impact not only the local community, but to be a vehicle for advancement among industry.

The UAB Center for Cyber Security is truly a unique program. With passionate members committed to enriching the student experience and contributing to results for a greater good, the Center looks to thrive in its pursuits and success and maintain its tradition of excellence.