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The Center has core competencies and nationally recognized contributors in these areas:Desktop Computer icon
More specifically, Center affiliates possess expertise in, among others, the following areas:
    • Cybercrime prevention, detection, and security
    • Forensic analysis of chemical and biological agents, drugs, and compounds
    • Computer forensics involving e-mail-based content (Malware, Phishing, SPAM)
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  • “Cloud” forensics
  • “Usable security” and reliable security of mobile devices
  • Intelligence analytics — including the study of insider threats, security models, and the psychology of human/computer
  • interaction
  • Modeling and simulation
  • “Soft cyber” — the integration of psychology, social science, modeling and simulation, and intelligence analytics
  • Electronic health records
  • Big data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, and high performance computing
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Fundamental to the Center are its cross-disciplinary faculty affiliates from multiple UAB academic units including: