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The UAB Civitan-Sparks Clinics offers several programs, including the Day in the Life Family Mentoring Program, designed to make the families the teachers, PEERS social skill intervention for teens with autism spectrum disorder, Project Heroes and the UAB Early Head Start program.  Each program is specifically developed to provide service, resources and support to children and their families.

Day in the Life Program:  This program is specifically designed to provide an experience for our trainees to learn first-hand how a family with a child with special needs functions both at home and in the community, learning about the family's perspectives on disability and special health care needs, as well as some of the challenges faced in advocating for their child with special needs. 

To find out more about this program, please download our Day in the Life info. or contact Linda V. Russo, MAE, Family Faculty Advisor, lvrusso@uab.edu

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Project Heroes Brochure