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Blazer Core is driven by the cutting-edge work of faculty, students, and staff, whose shared contributions makes our classrooms places of transformative learning. Learn more about our signature faculty development programs, the work of the Blazer Core Curriculum Committee, and our faculty and staff working groups.

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Core Fellows

This innovative faculty program provides faculty with a two-year fellowship that supports innovative core teaching and course design. Faculty not only learn a great deal about high-impact and best practices in general education but also have the wonderful opportunity to work with a student consultant on their teaching through our innovative SCOUT (Student Consultants on University Teaching) program.

We are currently recruiting for our third class of Blazer Core Faculty Fellows. The application process is quick and efficient and requires a short statement of interest and a current curriculum vitae. Fellowships are open to all full-time faculty and provide $4,000 of Professional Development funding, $2,000 travel funding for a conference to support core teaching, and a wealth of opportunities for professional development.

Access the application portal where you will be provided with more information.

Student Consultants on University Teaching (SCOUTs)

Blazer Core’s SCOUTS work with faculty to provide a student’s perspective on core teaching. This talented group of students conducts classroom observations, provides student insights on course materials and assessments, and conducts focus groups with students about their experience in the course. SCOUTs support Core Fellows for a full year, while also working with any faculty member interested in one or more of their services.

If you are interested in working with a SCOUT, please contact Andrea Bennett, Program Manager of the Blazer Core Curriculum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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First Year Experience Working Group

First Year Experience courses are high impact educational practices that promote students’ academic success and belonging. The FYE working group is made up of faculty and staff from the different schools and colleges offering FYE courses. A campus-wide collaboration, this group works to foster a common culture of First Year Experience and develop campus-wide resources to support innovative FYE pedagogy and student success.

Assessment Working Group

Assessment of student learning is central to the mission of Blazer Core Curriculum. The assessment working group is made up of faculty and staff from across UAB’s curriculum. The assessment working group works with departments to design and conduct effective outcomes assessment that supports outstanding teaching and effective student progress towards the learning outcomes of Blazer Core. Learning outcomes for Blazer Core are assessed yearly, with all Blazer Core courses assessed according to our assessment timeline.

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Contributing Courses to the Core

The excellence of our curriculum is supported by the Blazer Core Curriculum Committee, which is made up of faculty and staff across all UAB’s colleges and schools. The committee reviews Blazer Core courses, develops policies for core courses, and advances key initiatives

The Blazer Core Curriculum Committee is made up of faculty from all UAB Colleges and Schools, as well as leaders of administrative offices who play a significant role in shaping the experiences of core students, and (during the academic year) student, parent, and community representatives. This committee and its working groups will meet monthly in an effort to further the curricular initiatives of the Blazer Core Curriculum, review and recommend policies for the Core, and review and approve new and existing courses for inclusion in the Core.

The Core Curriculum Committee will follow the principles of Shared Faculty Governance in its work, aligning its policy recommendations with existing policy and procedure outlined by UAB's Faculty Senate and pursuing transparency in its operations. The committee publicly affirms its commitment to educational access and diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education and in the community beyond the curriculum.

The Blazer Core Curriculum Committee continues to review courses for the Blazer Core, and Department Chairs or College, School, or Unit representatives can submit course proposal for review.

UAB Faculty or Administrators interested in learning more about submitting a course for inclusion in Blazer Core, can find additional information here, including:

  • A Guide to Course Submission
  • Introduction to the Course Submission Portal
  • Blazer Core Committee Roster
  • Blazer Core Committee By-Laws

Please note that this link is for UAB internal accounts only. If you are from another institution or organization outside of UAB, please contact Dr. Christopher Minnix, Director of the Blazer Core Curriculum for further information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Interested in becoming part of one of our working groups? Contact Dr. Christopher Minnix, Director of the Blazer Core Curriculum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..