As you will learn from the short interviews with Dr. Samiksha Raut and Dr. Scott Brande below, the Blazer Core Fellows program is tailored to the needs and interests of core faculty and provides transformative insights into their teaching.

Dr. Samiksha Raut, Biology

Dr. Samiksha (Sami) Raut is an Associate Professor of Biology at UAB. She has widely published her research related to Biology Education in various journals. Sami is a decorated teacher, winning the Blazer Way Award in 2021, the Mental Health Champion Award, also in 2021, the Provost Award for Faculty Excellence in Service-Learning in 2019, and the Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2018, among other awards. Read more about her outstanding work with her students on developing a COVID-19 Awareness Campaign.

Dr. Scott Brande, Chemistry

Dr. Scott Brande is Associate Professor of Chemistry and Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UAB and a highly recognized expert in both geology and scientific education, with numerous publications in a variety of fields. In addition, Scott is a decorated teacher whose work has been recognized by the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, which named him Outstanding Educator in 2006. You can read about Scott’s fascinating work with 3-D models in the physical geology classroom.