The Blazer Core Curriculum Student Consultants on University Teaching (SCOUT) program was founded by CTL Executive Director Dr. Scott Phillips in 2020 and has grown and flourished under the supervision of Andrea Bennett, Program Manager for the Blazer Core Curriculum.

SCOUTs work directly with Core Fellows on their core teaching by providing a unique student perspective on Course Design and assignments, observing their classes, soliciting feedback on the courses through student interviews and focus groups, and addressing additional areas that Core Fellows identify as areas where they want to grow as teachers.

SCOUTs are UAB undergraduate students from a wide variety of majors and programs. Over the next several newsletters, you will have an opportunity to get to know these amazing students and also to learn from their insights and experiences, as they provide a student perspective on what makes for the best core courses. In addition, you will learn more about how their services are being expanded for faculty outside of the Core Fellows program who would like a consultation on the design of their course or assignments.