Pre- and post-doctoral trainees are selected on a rolling admissions basis as new positions open.

  • Pre-doctoral Fellowship: Pre-doctoral fellows must already be accepted into a PhD or DrPH program in the Schools of Nursing, Health Professions or Public Health at UAB.  Applicants accepted into other PhD programs within UAB are welcome to apply but should check with the program leaders to make sure their area of study falls within the realm of cancer prevention and control.
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship: Post-doctoral fellows must have earned a PhD, DO, MD or Dr. PH (or equivalent) from an accredited university.
  • Diversity: UAB is committed to providing educational, employment, and enrichment opportunities to all individuals regardless of gender, racial and ethnic status.  Minority inquiries and applications are strongly encouraged.  Further, UAB is committed to addressing the public health problems most severe in minority communities. During our most recent cycle, 56% of trainees were of racial/ethnic or other minority status (e.g., disabled or first generation college graduate).
  • Documentation of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is required for all trainees.