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Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

As part of a great research university, our department offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our programs are fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction faculty are internationally and nationally recognized providing expertise in their respective disciplines. Through teaching, scholarship, and service, faculty contribute to the development of dynamic teachers and educational communities in a global society.

We welcome your inquiries into our programs as you seek opportunities to touch the world through the education profession. Go Blazers!

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Turning students into teachers and teachers into leaders

Teacher preparation is our specialty. We offer programs for undergraduate and graduate students who are seeking initial teacher certification as well as programs for veteran teachers seeking advanced degrees and certifications. Whether you're an undergraduate student seeking to enter the profession, a career changer in pursuit of a teaching degree, or a practicing teacher interested in furthering your career, the UAB Department of Curriculum and Instruction can help you achieve your goal.

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All prospective students should read the information packet for the Alternative Masters Program (AMP). This document outlines the steps and requirements for admission and completion of the AMP. Students beginning their coursework as NON-DEGREE students should carefully seek advising from Dr. Spezzini as to which courses they may take prior to being fully admitted to the program.

Once you have passed the Praxis II in your teaching field, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) allows schools to hire you as a teacher while you are still completing the program.  This may or may not be the best route for you.  Be sure to consult with your SOE advisor before making this determination. 

Here are some key reminders:

1. Keep your GPA up to standard - 3.0 is required for your master's degree and 3.25 is required by the ALSDE for certification.

2. Apply for student teaching in the January preceding the academic year in which you want to student teach.  All students, including AMP students employed as full-time teachers, must apply for student teaching and register for the proper internship credit (EHS 691, EDA 690, or EMU 690) and for the internship seminar (EHS 690).  Student teaching applications are available on the bulletin board outside of the Office of Clinical Experiences, EB room 213. For more information, call the Office of Clinical Experiences at 934-7530.

3. Apply for your degree (in EB 100) about 7 months before you intend to graduate. See specific deadlines posted outside of EB 100, call 934-7530.

4. Apply for your teaching certificate (in EB 100) at the beginning of the term you intend to graduate. See specific deadlines posted outside of EB 100, call 934-7530.

5. Portfolio - You are required to develop a Teaching Portfolio during your program. You begin working on this in EDU 500, which is taken during your first semester. This portfolio will be screened at various points during your program and also at the end of student teaching.  A successful portfolio is required for a recommendation of certification.

6. The best way to start looking for a teaching job is: UAB Career Services