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Most know about our eLearning workshops facilitated each semester on Teaching Tool and Online Design and Teaching topics, but did you know that eLearning can customize training on these topics for your group or department?


UAB eLearning facilitates over 51 workshops each year from one of the two tracks: Teaching Tools (TT) or Online Design and Teaching (ODT). We have 33 Teaching Tool workshops that cover various topics related to Canvas, Zoom, Kaltura, Accessibility, Collaboration tools, Proctoring & Academic Integrity, Polling tools, and more. We also have 13 ODT workshops covering topics such as Development of Course Objectives, Instructional Materials, Learning Activities, Active Learning strategies and more.

All these workshops are meant to cover the topics for a broad audience, but can be customized to your specific group, subject matter, and relevant goals. Not to mention that we can train at your campus, location, our eLearning office, or virtually via a Zoom meeting and provide a link to the recording for those that can’t make it.

Use Cases

Our custom trainings became widely used when the pandemic first started and many were using Canvas and Zoom for the first time, but even now we present custom training to many schools and groups.

If you are a department chair or program coordinator and have certain reoccurring questions/issues being reported, we can customize a training to address best practices, advanced Canvas tricks, or assist in creating custom solutions.

We have oriented groups to new features in Canvas, best practices in designing courses, grading and feedback workflows, and more.

Schedule a Group/Department Training

Getting a custom group/departmental training set up is easy. Visit the eLearning Training page and put in a group/department training request. One of our instructional technologists will reach out to discuss the desired agenda, target audience, and time/location of the training. We will involve our experts in the chosen topic to ensure we have the right people to address your needs.

It is our joy to provide these and assist your group in reaching your academic goals.

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