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Illustration of a laptop displaying a half-completed "uploading" circle and bar. A coffee cup, potted plant, pencil cup, and other office supplies are around the laptop. Canvas

New Features or Updates to Existing Features

New Feature Options Available for Instructors to Enable

Canvas now has the following features available to instructors through the feature options tab on the course settings page. Instructors must enable the desired feature in each course settings page to see the functionality.

Portfolium End of Contract

UAB eLearning is transitioning away from Portfolium to other campus technologies such as Adobe Portfolio, Canvas, and Badgr to meet the needs for digital portfolios, program assessment, learning pathways, and digital badging. Action may be required for users to retain access to Portfolium portfolios created. Learn more about the transition and solutions.


Some features are enabled for all users while others may require additional steps to enable for your account.

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