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Effective Fall 2022, ALL students taking courses at UAB have free access to the iClicker student app. This initiative offers a campus-wide license that will save students money and is one of many steps that UAB is taking to help make college more affordable to ensure that students can successfully complete their degrees.

iClicker is a student engagement system that supports active learning in the classroom and can be used for interactive polls, real-time questions, and quizzes. Its active learning features can be used whether the class takes place on campus or online.

  • Engaging students in the learning process with tools like iClicker helps them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, which supports a more meaningful learning experience.
  • With online learning, it can be challenging to know if students understand the material and are keeping up. iClicker allows instructors to have that information on hand to best support learning.

Though student motivation and morale are lower than they were prior to the pandemic, iClicker has been found to help reverse the trend. Research on iClicker’s efficacy found that using it helps to increase end-of-course grades for students who are less motivated to succeed and students who began the course less academically prepared to succeed.

iClicker was developed by physics professors from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and is currently used at over 1,200 institutions by more than 5,000 instructors each year. iClicker was designed with the flexibility to support different teaching modalities and environments. It can also be used asynchronously with pre-authored questions that students can work through at their own pace. Importantly, this technology is also able to mitigate students’ fear of getting the “wrong” answer by allowing them to answer anonymously.

“By removing the cost for students to access iClicker, your university is demonstrating that they’re prioritizing both affordability and student success,” said Steven Ray, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Macmillan Learning. “The entire iClicker team is proud to help instructors engage with and educate this generation of learners.”

For more information on iClicker at UAB, please visit eLearning’s iClicker webpage.

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