iClicker is a classroom interactive response system that allows students to participate in polls and answer questions during class. Students can respond with a physical iClicker remote or their mobile device using the Reef app (if enabled). 

iClicker offers two options for offering polls in your classroom. These options include iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud. A comparison of the two products is provided on the Macmillan software comparison page

See iClicker compared to Poll Everywhere and Zoom Polls here. 


  • Gather data to gauge students' comprehension before moving on
  • Poll students and display class results instantly
  • Enhance large lecture class with increased student participation and interaction
  • Increase students' understanding and retention of topics by keeping them engaged
  • Allow anonymity on controversial questions
  • Provide feedback to students on their understanding
  • Check if students can apply a concept to a different context
  • Transform one-way teacher lecture into teacher-student interaction
  • Get a large volume of individual answers immediately
  • Reduce time on administrative tasks such as grading and taking attendance


Instructor Base Station

Faculty interested in allowing students to use the physical clickers can order an instructor base station by submitting the "request an instructor base station" form. The kit includes a base receiver, USB cable, student remote, and an instructor remote.

Note: Some UAB classrooms have iClicker receivers (base unit) already installed. View the Classroom Technology page on the UAB Information Technology website and choose desired classroom. The room will say “Clicker Ready = Yes” if the base is already installed.

For all other classrooms, you will need to use the individual receiver that is included in the instructor kit.

Download iClicker Cloud Software

Once you have your instructor Kit, download the iClicker software that is required to run the polls.

Note: You may have to contact AskIT to install software if you are using a university owned computer.


Purchase iClicker Remote

Students can purchase iClicker remotes or Reef access via the UAB Bookstore.

Register Remote/App

Students can register their iClicker remotes via the iClicker link in their Canvas course left navigation. You can also use the Reef Mobile app if allowed by your instructor.


Getting Started

During Class

After Class


Getting Started

In Class

After Class

Additional Information

iClicker/Reef FAQ

Do my students need to register with iClicker before I start running polling sessions?

No, students do not need to register their iClicker remotes before iClicker Classic can collect and record votes. Student registration must occur at some point in the term, and the steps for doing so vary depending on how you will be adding grades from iClicker cloud to your LMS.

When students participate in polls before registering their device, responses will be associated with their respective remote IDs. Therefore, you can use iClicker to run polling sessions starting on the first day of class, eventually connecting all students to their remote IDs through either roll call registration or registration at the iClicker website.

To participate using the iClicker Reef mobile app, you need to enable Reef in your course settings. Then, students need to create an iClicker Reef account or log into their existing account, add your course, and click "Join" when you start a session.

What presentation softwares does iClicker Classic work with?

iClicker works with any presentation software, including PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, Keynote, and more. Simply incorporate your questions into your presentation; preloading questions or answers into the iClicker system is not required.

The iClicker toolbar floats in front of whatever material is on your screen, enabling you to ask polling questions at any point during your class. You can also jump out of your presentation and ask questions spontaneously. Each time you start a polling question by clicking the play button, iClicker takes a screen shot for you to review later, so you always have a record of the questions you asked in class. No additional work on the instructor’s part is required.

If I have enabled iClicker Reef in my iClicker Classic course, how will remote or distance learning students participating with iClicker Reef know the questions I am asking?

iClicker Reef can display screenshots of your questions to students in real time. You can manage this setting at any time in the Mobile tab of your Course Settings.

Can the iClicker instructor software receive votes from iClicker remotes and Reef at the same time?

Yes. As long as a base is plugged in, Reef is enabled, and Reef students have access to WiFi, the iClicker software will receive votes from iClicker, iClicker+, iClicker 2 remotes, and iClicker Reef.

iClicker/Reef Instructor Training


Group, one-on-one, or virtual sessions are available to faculty.

  • Submit a Ticket
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • (866) 209-5698

Ask eLearning

Users who still need help after reviewing the resources on this page or contacting iClicker/Reef technical support can request support from UAB eLearning using the link below.

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