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Giving to Advanced Safety Engineering and Management

The Master of Engineering with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management and UAB's School of Engineering could not do what we do without your support. Traditional revenues such as tuition, fees, federal grants, and state funds provide for daily work, but they often vary with the level of state revenues and enrollments. Gifts from you create a secure, concrete foundation for our future success. They benefit not only students and faculty but also the community as a whole.

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Other Ways of Supporting ASEM

Donations of time and talent, will assist us in advancing the knowledge of ASEM students and their ability to help minimize risk and protect a progressive company’s triple bottom line — people, planet, and profits.


  • Publicize the program to employees, co-workers, and other safety, health and environmental professionals, and encourage them to apply.
  • Mentor program participants in applying their new knowledge in the workplace.
  • Write recommendations for qualified ASEM applicants.


  • Facilitate online discussion forums.
  • Provide special lectures.
  • Submit real-life case studies on safety, health and environmental related topics, such as:

    a comprehensive, advanced safety program

    "acceptable" risk

    conflicts of interest

    entrepreneurial success and failure

    ethical dilemmas

    hazard analysis and risk assessment

    industrial and environmental disasters

    safety as a cost control strategy

    safety standards (the mandatory minimum vs. the voluntary best practice)

    shaping public policy

    technical communications during code red situations

    the engineering hierarchy of controls

    whistle blowing


Contact Us

For more information about giving opportunities, contact Donny Burke, Ph.D. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 205-975-3891).