Alumni Testimonials

"The fully online experience of this program is stimulating and never disappoints with relevant content."

Andrea Cox

"The ASEM program gave me the opportunity to make myself better in risk management, critical thinking, and safety economics, and that makes me more valuable for my company and for my future."

Albertine Doibo

"The knowledge I have gained from the classes, presentations, projects, and textbook readings has allowed me to expand my experience and improve my focus at work."

Randy Cadieux

"The ability to complete the ASEM program online and work at my own pace (within reason) is the only reason I'm able to juggle my job and the ASEM program. I made friends and contacts that I feel I will stay in touch with throughout the duration of my career."

Cara Clark

"UAB has designed a degree program that is relevant and challenging. Obtaining this advanced degree will be the envy of other professionals in the safety field."

Tony R. Davis

"Being a more effective problem solver and someone who actually helps people better has opened a lot of doors for me, and that has a lot to do with the ASEM program."

Ron Gantt

"In my profession as a fire investigator I use different methods I've learned in the ASEM program especially hazard analysis and fault analysis."

Charles Hines

"Dr. Bidez's modules are great she explains with examples, this makes it easier for me to understand, apply it by 'Framing the Problem' and identifying the legal implications."

Laura R. Jaso

"I am a hands-on person and I enjoy the social interaction with students and instructors to better understand the material."

Kaitlyn Mashburn

"The ASEM program provides an excellent learning environment for working professionals."

Kathy Mergl

"It will make you a better engineer. It will make you a better manager, and it will make you a better safety professional."

Tera Huppi Preussel

"In the past month, I have also taken some of what I have learned and put it to good use with clients and safety standards work. So the classes and the program are having a positive rippling effect throughout industries and sectors that have any interface to safety."

Roberta Nelson Shea