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Michael’s specialty is helping organizations to implement Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), principles, tools, and leadership in the workplace to improve culture and performance. Why? Because people deserve to work where they feel energized, valued, appreciated, and able to make a difference. His biggest take away from over 20 years in US Naval Aviation and a decade of global high reliability performance consulting is the power of effective leadership and optimized teams to affect culture and performance. As individualistic as we want to be, modern challenges and complexity require group success.

What if we had a means to achieve not only safety, but elevated morale, innovation, and consistent mission success through exciting and meaningful engagement of our workforce?

Whether operating as a forward air controller tasked with direct support of ground units in contact with enemy forces, acting as a multi-national overseas naval base executive, or developing future military leaders of character in the classroom, Michael has felt the effect of leaders and teams, both good and bad. He has a unique ability to translate abstract concepts and principles into tangible tools and techniques to positively affect culture, behaviors, and performance in the real world. In the new view embraced by HOP, leaders exist to serve their teams, not the other way around – they understand human fallibility and exhibit humility. Teams honor and embrace diverse perspectives through trust and strong relationships – they compensate for each other’s weaknesses, back each other up, and constantly seek to learn from both failure and success.

By uniting executives, planners, and workers in thinking about how we can improve the workplace, organizations can create adaptability and resilience to achieve success in even the most challenging and dynamic business environments.