IEM — Information Engineering Management

IEM faculty talking with IEM student in the School of Engineering building.

We are an executive master’s degree available 100% online. Our goal is to teach you how to expand your technical expertise into the leadership skills you need to manage teams, inspire innovation, and coordinate large amounts of data to make effective decisions. We show you:

  • • the basics of project management and financial literacy for business
  • • how to view your company from an executive level, and 
  • • the steps you can take to bring innovation to your business.

A Curriculum Designed for You

Our curriculum is designed with one goal in mind: to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to advance your work. Our classes are designed with flexibility, so you can complete the degree while juggling career and family.

We work with current, sitting CEOs at major corporations to develop our course content around what they, as hiring professionals, want to see in their potential employees. We didn't just guess at what was relevant, we asked the people who are the reason most professionals look to get a degree in the first place exactly what was needed, then built classes to teach those things. We regularly meet with these CEOs to make sure what we are teaching stays current, and many globally based CEOs from multiple countries serve on our advisory board to make sure that the degree you earn from UAB is one that will pay you back. We have major corporations tell us that if they see a UAB Engineering Management Masters Degree on a resume submission, they pay attention.

"IEM will provide you with the tools and resources to become a better leader, entrepreneur, and business professional. This is not just a degree...this is a lifestyle."

Trent Lesley

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Taught by Real World Industry Leaders

Each of our faculty members are real world industry leaders. Our faculty has worked in the same environments and with the same bureaucracy and kinds of people that you deal with at work. We know how to help you move forward, because we have walked these same paths as you.

Ready to Learn More?

Explore the site to learn about our curriculum, faculty, and our alumni success stories. If you have any questions, contact us – we’re happy to answer your questions and hope to see you studying with us soon.

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