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The Sustainable Smart Cities Master's program from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA) is a unique professional postgraduate program that provides an interdisciplinary grounding in the principles, application, and key technologies required to develop sustainable smart cities.

Delivered by experienced faculty, this program will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to assess, design, and implement sustainable smart cities' strategies across the globe.

The program offers a broad curriculum covering sustainability theory, sustainable urban development, low carbon and renewable energy systems, green infrastructure, natural resource management, health and livability, transport and mobility, big data analytics, and smart technologies.

This program is aimed at leaders and professionals in public and private sector organizations who seek to design, develop, and deliver smart and sustainable urban solutions. The program is a good fit for students interested in pursuing careers as:

  • senior executives, mayors, and elected representatives
  • policy makers
  • building services engineers
  • urban planners
  • architects
  • urban designers
  • civil and transport engineers
  • real estate professionals
  • software programmers
  • ICT professionals
  • public health and social medicine professionals
  • environmental and sustainability managers
  • social scientists

This program is particularly suitable for graduates who have been working for a number of years and are looking to take the next step in their career or a change of direction.

Delivery Method

All program courses will be delivered exclusively online using the Canvas virtual learning environment, which is hosted by UAB. The internet-based delivery will include a combination of lectures, resources, webinars, and online forums and discussion boards.

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    How It Works for You

    The program is highly interactive and you will be expected to participate and interact with instructors and fellow students. Each course runs a live online tutorial weekly.


Every course contributes to the student's final grade. To reflect the varied nature of the program's content, you will be formally assessed in a variety of formats including essays, reports, portfolios of tasks, and a range of shorter submitted assignments (including participation in online discussion boards), and online examinations. 

Technical Requirements

As the program is delivered 100% online, you will need a PC or Apple Mac running Windows or OSX and an internet connection. In addition, you will need speakers or headphones, a microphone for your computer, and an active email account.

Part-Time Study & Flexibility in Learning

The Sustainable Smart Cities master's program has been designed as a part-time program to be completed in two full calendar years. However, there is some flexibility to adjust the pace to suit other commitments.

Program Structure

Detailed Tuition Information can be found at: https://www.uab.edu/cost-aid/cost/detailed-tuition-fees#graduate. The program is designed for professionals who want to interact with their international peers using state-of-the-art online instructional methods and learn from experienced full-time US Faculty. All related disciplines are welcome to apply to this multi-discipline graduate program.

  • UAB Diploma (5 semesters)

    Semester 1 

    • Principles of Sustainable Development [CESC 600]
    • Introduction to Sustainable Smart Cities [CESC 602]

    Semester 2

    • Low-Carbon & Renewable Energy Systems [CESC 604]
    • Managing Natural Resources & Sustainable Smart Cities [CES 606]

     Semester 3

    • Green Infrastructure & Transportation [CESC 608]
    • Health & Liveability [CESC 610]

    Semester 4

    • Green Buildings [CESC 612]
    • Smart Technologies for Cities & Buildings [CESC 614]

    Semester 5

    • Big Data & Smart Cities [CESC 616]
    • Research Methods & Planning [CESC 618]

For more information and course descriptions, visit the UAB graduate catalog. Still have questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Sustainable Smart Cities Master’s Program.

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