The EcoDistricts Incubator was a three-day intensive, project-based workshop designed to accelerate district-scale sustainability across North America. The 2015 Incubator was held in Portland, OR, May 18-20. This year, 12 cities were selected from various regions with neighborhoods representing 5,000 acres of redevelopment across North America. Birmingham was chosen to participate after undergoing a formal application process that involved a review of the city’s goals and objectives and overall vision of a large-scale project meant to foster a vibrant and sustainable community.

Birmingham's focus was on its Entrepreneurial district, which is mostly occupied by former railroad and industry lots left over from the days of the steel industry. A team from Birmingham was participant in this event thanks to a proposal submitted through the City of Birmingham. Paula Alvarez Pino attended to the Incubator in representation of the Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center.

For more information on the workshop, visit the Birmingham Project Snapshot and the Ecodistricts Incubator Teams.