Andrew SullivanMr. Andrew SullivanAndrew J. Sullivan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering with 25 years of experience in the transportation field. In addition to teaching undergraduate transportation and the senior design capstone course, Mr. Sullivan is involved with ongoing efforts to improve transportation system performance at the local and state levels.  He is manager of the Birmingham Regional Transportation Data Center, which he runs in conjunction with the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham.  It is a cooperative effort to monitor the performance of the regional transportation system and make that information available to planners and decision makers. He is also active in several statewide programs to enhance mobility.  He co-authored the Alabama DOT Traffic Signal Design Guide and Timing Manual, which is used as the standard for signal design in the state.  He is currently involved is a program to evaluate the effectiveness of adaptive signal control systems in the state and make recommendations on future deployments. Just recently, he has been named co-investigator on several research projects under the GaTech and STRIDE University Transportation Centers. Prior to joining UAB, Mr. Sullivan worked as a transportation consultant in Washington, DC and Birmingham, AL where he specialized in the design of traffic control systems and conducted related transportation research. He continues to teach professional seminars on traffic signal design and traffic simulation. He is a licensed professional engineer and is active in the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).