What’s your first step in setting your world on fire? As you might expect, it’s actually becoming a Blazer — applying and being admitted to UAB.

Once you’ve applied to UAB and been accepted, there are two paths to joining the Honors College.

1. Invitation. Students admitted to UAB with a minimum ACT score of 28 or redesigned SAT score of 1300 (ERW+M) and a minimum 3.5 GPA, will receive an offer both by email and traditional mail to join the UAB Honors College. Students who chose not to include test scores for admission will be reviewed on an individual basis.

2. Application. High school seniors who don’t meet the criteria to receive an automatic invitation can still apply to be considered for admission. A committee will review the application materials (essay, resume, transcript, and letter of recommendation) on an individual basis and send a notification when a decision is made. Current UAB students and transfer students are eligible to apply with a 3.5 GPA and 12 or more hours of college credit. Interested UAB/transfer students should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for individual consideration.

3. Deadlines. 

Application deadline for entering freshmen – March 1

Application deadline for current UAB students or transfer students  Rolling

Acceptance offer deadline  May 1

The UAB Honors College application for Fall 2022 will open October 1. 


Specialized Program Admission

1. Application. Each of UAB’s specialized honors programs — GCL, STH, and UHP — requires a separate application following acceptance into the Honors College. To be considered, you first need to accept (which is non-binding) or defer your offer from the Honors College. Once you have accepted or deferred your offer you will then be prompted to indicate your interest in a Specialized Program and complete the appropriate application.

Our specialized programs also require an interview. Students will receive more information about the interview process after submitting their application(s).

2. Deadlines. 

Priority application deadline – February 1

Extended deadline, based on space availability  May 1

Acceptance offer deadline  May 1

Learn More About Specialized Programs



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    UAB Honors has given me so many opportunities to branch out and step outside my comfort zone. — Tina Tian, Honors College


Connect with the Honors College - Your Way

Honors College On-Campus Visit

Visiting our campus — and our new home in Honors Hall— is one of the best ways to learn about the UAB Honors College. During this session, you’ll meet with an Honors Ambassador, a friendly and knowledgeable current student who knows college life from a student’s perspective and is ready to answer any questions you have. You'll also be greeted by one of our dedicated honors advisors, who will share details about our honors community, honors curriculum, and admissions process. 

Honors College Virtual Information Sessions

If you prefer, we invite you to schedule a Virtual Information Session so you can learn all about the UAB Honors College from the comfort of your home. During this session, you’ll gain insight about the honors community, honors curriculum, and admissions process from an honors advisor. You’ll have the opportunity to chat with an Honors Ambassador about college life and the Honors experience. We offer sessions weekly. 

For more information on scheduling an Honors College On-Campus Visit or Virtual Information Session, contact our Campus Visit Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (205) 934-9098. 

Orientation and New Student Retreat

The Honors College holds events throughout the year to keep our students informed, entertained, and connected — to make sure you feel like you belong as much as we feel like you belong. At the very beginning, though, our goal is mostly to keep you from getting lost and/or lonely. Here’s how we do that.

Honors Blazer Beginnings  New Student Orientation

UAB’s campus can be confusing, this is probably your first time at college, and you might not know anyone else in the Honors College. Relax. We’ve got you. Honors Orientation gets you ready to start life as a UAB honors student.

  • Connect with other new students and current students who will be happy to help you get settled.
  • Talk with your advisor to plan your personalized honors curriculum — and that all-important first-semester schedule.
  • Register — early, so you can be sure to get the classes you want.
  • Get an idea of the services available to make your move into the Honors College smooth, healthy, and successful.

New Student Retreat

Your honors education isn’t like anything else out there. Your fellow honors students? Also not like anything else. So your introduction to the UAB Honors College will be similarly singular: You’ll be exploring the campus and the city thoroughly, deeply, and together. The four-day New Student Retreat helps you to get to know your fellow honors students — and get to know yourself as an honors student.

To start the retreat, honors students move into the residence halls early and get briefed on their first semester, and subsequent seven semesters, in the Honors College. They take part in fun activities on campus. They explore Birmingham, studying the “City as Text” and visiting culturally and historically significant sites. And they participate in service projects, giving their time and energy to local schools and nonprofits — because knowing the community means knowing the entire community, and knowing yourself means knowing where you fit in it all.