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Fifty-five University of Alabama at Birmingham students were selected to represent the UAB Honors College2024 NCUR Group PhotoGroup photo of the 2024 Honors Delegation at NCUR at the annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), April 8-10. 

The 2024 UAB Honors College delegation was among 4,300 students and supporters from different universities across the United States to present original research. Hosted in Long Beach, California, this annual event is sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and has been held on different campuses since 1987.

“NCUR24 was an impactful experience for our Honors College delegates who presented impressive and professional scholarly work,” said Mark Bevensee, Ph.D., assistant dean of the UAB Honors College. “This conference was a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their work for feedback, expand their knowledge of cutting-edge research, network with other students around the country, and expand their professional development. I was proud to support these talented and dedicated students.”

This year’s theme focused on Engaging Minds. Empowering Students. Are You Ready? and allowed students to network and learn from other student researchers in a variety of research topics and scholarly activities. Honors students presented their work on a range of topics in various disciplines, which included homelessness, mental health, racial disparities, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, dental filling, and case studies on films/documentaries.

“Attending NCUR was an amazing opportunity to present my research and see the amazing work being completed at UAB and all over the United States,” said Zoey Swalley, a rising senior in the UAB Honors College and 2024 NCUR honors delegate. “I am grateful I had the opportunity to connect with passionate young researchers and be introduced to research in a wide range of academic disciplines.”

During NCUR, students participated in educational workshops, special keynote sessions, student presentations, art galleries, and interactive networking experiences. Students also enjoyed leisure activities such as movie nights, city tours, beach fun and the highly anticipated Party on the Plaza.

Zoe Swalley, 2024 NCUR Honors DelegateZoe Swalley, 2024 NCUR Honors Delegate“NCUR allowed students to not only further their education and gain knowledge beyond the classroom, but it allowed them to experience the beautiful scenery of Long Beach,” said Shannon L. Blanton, Ph.D., dean of the UAB Honors College. “There is a growing interest in research that is available to all honors students in STEM and non-STEM related fields through an array of opportunities provided by the Honors College and in the UAB community.”

Additional students who presented research at NCUR include:

Muhammad Ali Abdullah
Using FIJI and the 3D Slicer image computing platform to measure microglial lipofuscinosis in a mouse model of Frontotemporal Dementia

Alicia Argrett
Mechanisms for Microbial Regulation in the Presence of Amphetamine

Gavin Bingham
Calm Down: How to Improve Undergraduate Student Performance

Olivia Blaine Johnston
A Novel Model Investigating the Genetic Mechanisms of Plasma Cell Differentiation

Victoria Callahan
On the Brink of Adulthood: The Growing Young Adult Mental Health Crisis

Suneeti Chambers
Trichloroethylene exposure influences brain lipid dysregulation as a putative mechanism in Parkinson’s neurodegeneration

Sumanth Chandrupatla
Association between Serum Urate, Gout, and Prostatic Cancer in European Male Populations: A Mendelian Randomization Study

Roshni Datta
Circadian Contributions to Nighttime Blood Pressure Variation in Black Adults

Neysa Dechachutinan
Estrous Cycle Regulation of Neuronal Ensembles Encoding Threat Memory within the Central and Lateral Amygdala

Sarah Ding
The Impact of Peripherally-targeting Interventions on Multiorgan Gene Expression in Aged Rats

Emily Dolan
Conflicts of Identity in Bipolar Disorder

Emma Doucet
Validation of Golgi Isolation Utilizing Immunoprecipitation in Human Postmortem Cortex

Katlyn Foy
The Effects of Dance Composition on Mental Health

Suma Gadde
Implementation and validation of a semi-automated workflow for body composition measurement in a clinical image viewing platform

Pragya Ghanate
Quantifying tumor microenvironment changes following HER2 inhibition with tucatinib IHC in HER2+ breast cancer

Latham Girona
Elucidating the Effect TFE3 Modulation has on Microgli

Anmol Guard
How Accurate Should Historical Dramatized Documentary Films Be? The Case of In the Name of the Father

Navya Gullapalli
Deletion of Brain Angiogenesis 3 (BAI3) in Mice Decreases Inflammation in White Adipose Tissue

Aman Gupta Pokal
Identifying live solid tumor specimen preanalytical factors to reduce lab test variability

Lillian Hodges
Advancing Golgi Isolation Techniques in Postmortem Cortex for Enhanced Precision in Schizophrenia Research

Zainab Ibrahim
Determining if exosomes from GLUT3 expressing glioblastoma cells increases the migration of macrophages

Isha J. Patel
An analysis of undergraduate student understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of immunology

Lina Jabr
In Pursuit of Equity: What Can College Students Do? A Model Proposed by Students From the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jessica Jacob
Determining The Impact of Tumor Location on Brain Atrophy in Varying Regions of the Brain in Patients with Low-Grade Gliomas

Chloe Jepson
"A targeted immunotherapy against aggressive ovarian cancer"

Donte Johnson
The Noah Project

Nathan Lehman
The Exploration of G-Quadruplex Binding Mechanisms of SRSF1 Expands its RNA Binding Capability Beyond the Norm

Rachel Majumder
Impacts of Primary and Secondhand Exposure to E-cigarette Aerosols on Lung Function and Respiratory Symptoms

Madilyn McWilliams
Investigating the Role of the ESCRT Pathway During Peripheral Nerve Myelination

Wajiha Mekki
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation as a Risk Factor for Bleeding in Acute Leukemia Cases

Natalie Moon
Exploring Differences in Health Behaviors Between Black and White Patients with MS in the Deep South

Kiara Mosley
Levels of Emotional Suppression and Correlation Between Ethnicities

Lily Ober
Identifying the effects of adult-phase suppression of CVD- and insomnia-related genes on cardiac and sleep phenotypes

Rhea Pandit
Developing Tumor Treating Fields resistance in glioblastoma patient-derived xenolines to explore potential therapeutic mechanisms

Henna Parekh
Profiling the Populations of Immune Cells in the Skin of DNMT3a Mice

Vidhi Patel
Quantification of Cadherin Expression in Pro-Vasculogenic Human Fibroblasts

Satvika Penala
Using AI-Predicted Therapeutics in Precision Medicine: A Path Forward for GNB1-Related Disorders

Craig Peters
The role of lin-41 in the neuronal maturation and synaptic connectivity of C. elegans

Rujula Pradeep
Manipulation of Chromatin Structure to Modulate Cardiac Pathology

Snekha Rajasekaran
The Role of SCN5A in Sick Sinus Syndrome and other Cardiovascular Diseases: A Bioinformatic Study

Soundharya Ramanathan
"Judging a Book by its Cover: A Case Study Analysis on the Rich Publishing History of Daisy Jones & the Six"

Rakshith Ramdas
Educational Reform to Correct Racial Disparities

Monica Rayburn
Bartonella Prevalence within People Experiencing Homelessness

Dexten Retchloff
Proteomic Dynamics of Succinylation During Myogenic Differentiation

Hadley Rosengrant
Exploring the role of the ancient and ubiquitous protein: Jagunal Homolog 1

Chloe Seabolt
Inhibitory Control and Race as Predictors of Unsafe Shooting in Children: Implications for Firearm Safety Interventions

Hesham Shiekhtholth
AAV-Progranulin Gene Therapy Corrects Phenotypes Associated with Progranulin Deficiency up to One-Year Post Injection

Trisha Sivam
The inflammasome component Pstpip1 is differentially regulated by the ETB receptor in distinct regions of the kidney during salt-sensitive hypertension

Cassidy Stoddart
The Impact of Life Course Community Belonging on Later-Life Cognitive Health Across Racial-Ethnic Groups

Zoey Swalley
Renal Cell Carcinoma patients with obesity exhibit changes in the tumor microenvironment

Dhrithi Tummala
Absence of Brain Angiogenesis Inhibitor (BAI3) Improves Energy Expenditure in Skeletal Muscle

Jaya Vadapalli
Correlation Between Composition and Mechanical Properties of Dental Filling Materials

Angel Varghese
Immunohistochemical Detection of GLP-1 in the Mouse Hindbrain

Angela Vincent
Gynecologic Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Amongst Latinas in Alabama

Sarah Wilson
Trichloroethylene impairs neurogenesis as a mechanism of Parkinson’s neurotoxicity

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