In late 2016, the UAB Employee Benefits Committee approved the expansion of the Sick Time Donation Policy to provide a source of paid leave for employees who have exhausted available accrued benefit time as a result of significant illness or injury to include access to a Sick Time Donation Pool.

The UAB Sick Time Donation program will continue to include direct, voluntary donations and will be enhanced by the option of non-specific donations to a pool, managed by Human Resources. Additional specifics of the pool:

  • Donations for the pool will be accepted from current and retiring employees
  • Maximum number of donated days for current and retiring employees is 60 days (480 hours)
  • Maximum number of pool days a recipient is allowed to receive is 30 days (max lifetime receipt remains 60 days), depending on the current balance in the pool, the number of pending requests and the expected return date of the recipient
  • Sick time pool days may be requested for the following reasons with the appropriate documentation on file in Employee Health:
    • Employee’s own serious health condition (illness or injury) including serious illness/injury or prolonged complications that arise as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. Normal pregnancy and recovery from childbirth will not be eligible for pool days (direct voluntary donations remain available)
    • Serious health conditions of Spouse, Parent or Child
  • Donations from current employees will be coordinated through the HR Records Department and the Sick Time Donation Form
  • Donations from retiring employees continue to require the Benefits Office review at the time of retirement

For more information regarding donating to the pool or to apply for sick time from the pool, contact HR Records at 4-4408.

— Updated Jan. 4, 2017