Employee Transfer Guidelines

UAB recognizes that employee motivation, productivity and retention are dependent upon people working in jobs that are well suited to their interests and therefore provide opportunities for career development. In addition to advancement within an employee’s current department or division, employees may wish to pursue opportunities elsewhere within UAB. Career moves should be carefully planned and will depend upon the employee’s successful performance and demonstrated success in creating a solid and stable work history.

Managers are encouraged to be supportive of employees who have the desire to enhance their skills or develop new competencies, and should be prepared to assist the employee in investigating opportunities.


A UAB employee is eligible to apply for an open position if he or she:

  • Has been in his or her current position for at least twelve (12) months;
  • Has successfully completed the initial probationary period of six (6) months as a new UAB employee or the ninety (90) day probationary period, if the employee has previously transferred to their current role;
  • Has not received a written warning, suspension or imposed probation within the past 12 months; 
  • Meets or exceeds the minimum qualifications or requirements that are listed in the job posting.

Early Transfer

Employees wishing to apply for a position before completing twelve months of continuous service should contact their immediate supervisor as a first step in the process to let them know of their interest. Following the discussion with the immediate supervisor, an employee wishing to apply for a position should contact his or her assigned HR Consultant (HRC). The HRC will work with the employee’s immediate supervisor to review the employee’s past performance and reasons for transfer. Exceptions to the twelve‐month waiting period will be rare and handled on a case‐by-case basis, with Human Resources making the final decision.

Application, Interview & Transfer Process

Employees can search for positions within UAB by selecting the uab.edu/jobs link. If the employee meets the eligibility requirements stated above and wishes to be considered for a position, the following steps should be taken:

  • Employees are encouraged to inform their current manager of their interest to seek a transfer.  If eligible, the employee can apply for positions on the UAB website by submitting a resume;
  • The Staffing Specialist will then contact the HRC to verify that the employee meets eligibility requirements;
  • If eligible, Staffing Specialists will forward resume to hiring manager;
  • If the hiring manager makes an offer to the employee, the HRC will work with the hiring manager to structure the offer.

Reference Checks

Satisfactory work performance during an employee’s time with UAB is a condition of transfer and hiring managers are authorized to contact previous or current managers as references. In all cases, the employee’s work record including, but not limited to, performance, attendance, and behavior will be used as valid criteria for determining suitability for a position.


A UAB employee is expected to provide sufficient notice to his or her current department. Biweekly paid employees are expected to give at least fourteen calendar days' written notice. Employees in administrative, supervisory, professional, or patient-care positions are expected to give at least thirty calendar days' written notice. An employee who is pursuing or has accepted a new position is expected to continue to fulfill the requirements of his or her current position until the transfer. Any plans for vacation or time off during this transition period, even if previously approved by the manager prior to the transfer request, are subject to change at the discretion of the current manager.