Temporary Services Resources for Managers

When it comes to providing qualified temporary staff, UAB Temporary Services can do much more than fill your immediate need, we can save you time and money. All applicants undergo a comprehensive initial screening, which includes an extensive criminal history investigation, verification of education and previous work history, and a review of motor vehicle records, where necessary. 

The use of outside temporary employment agencies is discouraged, as UAB may be held accountable for the conduct of outside agencies. UAB Temporary Services charges a much lower rate than that of outside temporary employment agencies, and should a Temporary Services employee who has been employed less than 90 days be hired for a full-time position, a conversion fee may apply. Departments that are assigned temporary employees are charged the employee’s base salary plus a percentage to cover administrative costs. The department’s budget is automatically billed. No requisitions for payment are required.

To request a temporary employee, begin by completing a Temporary Employee PAR/CRF form. Log in below, or visit Talent Acquisition's PAR/CRF Guide for instructions.

Onboarding for Temp Employees

All Irregular Temporary (04 status) and Full-time Temporary (02 status) department direct hires must follow the steps below to ensure proper I-9 and e-Verify processing.

  1. Submit PAR
  2. Select Temporary Employee under Position Authorization Request
  3. Select Temporary Services (if you want Temp Services to source/staff your position) or Department Fast Track (if you have a unique role to be filled directly by the department)
  4. Complete and submit form
  5. Once PAR is submitted, the hiring process will proceed per the 04/02 Onboarding Flow Chart

Please contact HR Manager Oscar Hunter with any questions.