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Temporary Hiring Suspension

Effective immediately, UAB is implementing strict temporary hiring restrictions. This temporary hiring suspension applies to all faculty and staff positions (new positions and refill vacancies), including temporary and part-time positions. Student workers and work study students are not subject to this action. Now, and until further notice, hiring is suspended for individuals who do not currently have a documented offer. Currently posted positions are placed on hold immediately, and the positions will be closed unless a documented exception is granted by UAB President Ray L. Watts. No new positions will be posted unless an exception is granted.

Only positions that are critical to business operations and among the following categories, will be considered through a Hiring Suspension Exception Request:
  • Clinical personnel in areas of demonstrated shortage (e.g., nursing)
  • Research faculty, if substantially and durably funded
  • Specialized research personnel needed to fulfill extramural grant/contract obligations that cannot be met by existing or redeployed personnel
  • Specialized personnel needed to provide critical online training and/or instruction when these needs cannot be met by existing or redeployed personnel
  • Specialized personnel in critical areas of safety or compliance that cannot be delayed or met by existing or redeployed personnel
  • Other personnel with topical or technical expertise that is deemed mission critical and cannot be met by existing or redeployed personnel

All efforts will be made to ensure a timely and efficient exception review process:
  1. Review for accuracy by Human Resources
  2. Review for endorsement by the provost, senior vice president for Finance and Administration, or UAB Medicine chief operating officer or chief financial officer
  3. Review for final approval by UAB President Watts

The determination will be communicated to the requestor/hiring manager by Human Resources. At that point, the position can be posted if an exception was approved. In addition, until further notice:
  • The use of contract or temporary staffing should not be expanded, and in most cases should be discontinued unless approved through the exception process.
  • The use of nonessential overtime should be discontinued. In most cases, only overtime in critical clinical needs or safety areas should be permitted.
  • Job reclassifications and transfers are temporarily suspended.

We expect this hiring suspension to remain in effect for much of the remainder of this Fiscal Year and perhaps beyond, depending on the depth of the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our goal to minimize disruption, but we must take steps now to guard the financial strength and readiness of our institution. This uncharted territory requires stringent measures to ensure that we continue to deliver in all areas of our vital mission.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in this important initiative.