Workforce Assignments

A complex academic, research and health care organization like UAB demands a workforce with a diverse range of functions and responsibilities. Often decisions must be made and communicated that affect entities on campus differently. To improve this process, UAB employees are categorized by workforce and by weather code, in the event of severe weather.

It is important that UAB faculty and staff members know the groups to which they are assigned to ensure information is communicated quickly and efficiently. Select an assignment category below to determine your assignments and learn what it means for you. 

  • Employee Workforce Groups

    UAB is a complex organization with diverse responsibilities among its 26,000 employees, so it is necessary that some policies, processes and programs apply differently to various entities and academic/administrative and clinical business lines. At times decisions affecting the workforces of these operations must be made independently. In order to improve communication during these times, UAB has formalized the classification of these workforces as Workgroup A, Workgroup C and Faculty.

    Every employee is assigned to either the A, C or Faculty workgroup based on their area of work. Information that affects workforces individually will be communicated using these classifications in appropriate UAB outlets.

    Use the chart below to determine your workforce group assignment, or log in to the UAB Employee Workforce App with your BlazerID and password. View Employee Workforce Groups FAQs for more information.

    • Non-clinical Heersink School of Medicine staff
    • Staff in all other UAB schools and the College of Arts and Sciences
    • All UAB administrative departments
    • Department of Athletics
    • Some University of Alabama Health Services Foundation employees
    • Heersink School of Medicine staff who provide direct patient care or do clinical work as a regular part of their job
    • University of Alabama Health Services Foundation employees who provide direct patient care or do clinical work as a regular part of their job
    • All staff from...
      • UAB Hospital and Hospital LLC
      • UAB Health System
      • Callahan Eye Hospital
    • All faculty across UAB
  • Weather Group Assignments

    Closing UAB for severe weather is not a simple process and can be frustrating for students, faculty, staff, patients and guests, waiting to know what to do. When severe weather is anticipated, decisions must be made for many different entities/functions that react differently to a closing. Assigning students, faculty and staff to dedicated groups as outlined here will inform the campus community in a more clear and timely manner.

    When UAB closes — announced via B-Alert with details at — GREEN, YELLOW and RED groups will be referenced. Every UAB student, faculty and staff member is responsible for knowing his or her assignment in the GREEN, YELLOW or RED group. To learn your weather group, use the button to log in to the UAB Weather Group App with your BlazerID and password or click on the Weather Group tile in the UAB app.

    Use the chart below to find out what your group assignment means for you. View Weather Groups FAQs for more information.


    GREEN entities/functions always close when operations are canceled for weather. Academic classes are an example of these; when UAB closes, classes are canceled for faculty and students. Employees with duties considered “non-essential” during a weather closing are also part of this group and will not report to work.


    YELLOW entities/functions may or may not close depending on the nature of the weather event and decisions by management/supervisors. This group includes entities like the Hill Student Center and UAB clinics, which may stay open or close when academic functions at the university are canceled. Employees in this group will be required to understand their unit specific plans in addition to the global UAB plan.


    RED entities/functions never close and must continue to operate regardless of the weather. UAB Hospital and the UAB Police Department are examples of these.

    Multiple group assignments: Group assignments are specific to one’s responsibilities. While most in the UAB community will be assigned one group, some will have two group assignments — one might require attendance, and one might be closed. Follow the instruction for each assignment. For example, a faculty member in a health-related school like the School of Nursing who also works at UAB Hospital will be assigned to two groups — GREEN for his or her faculty appointment in Nursing and RED for the hospital appointment because UAB Hospital never closes. The faculty member will not teach class but will report to the hospital to care for patients.