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  • Committees and Advisory Groups
    ICAR initiatives are proposed, evaluated and implemented with active feedback from its Executive Committee, UAB Advisory Committee, and Community Advisory Group. In addition, an ad-hoc External Advisory Committee is invited periodically to visit and evaluate the activities developed and sponsored by the center.
  • ICAR Executive Committee
    This committee meets quarterly and it is composed by the ICAR Director, Co-Directors, and Center Administrator.
  • UAB Advisory Committee
    The UAB Advisory Committee is an interdisciplinary committee with representation from multiple schools and colleges. This committee provides advice and expertise to the Executive Committee for the development of new initiatives, evaluation of current ones, as well as feedback regarding the overall role of ICAR at UAB.
  • ICAR Community Advisory Group
    The community advisory includes engaged members from the Birmingham metro area. The roll of this committee includes active participation in community outreach activities sponsored by ICAR, providing advice regarding ICAR outreach and the impact of ICAR in the community.
  • External Advisory Committee
    An external panel of experts in aging research and education is invited periodically to evaluate the Center's initiatives and impact, as well as to provide their expert advice for further development.