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“UAB provides all trainees with information about the benefits of individual development plans for their desired career outcomes.  Training sessions for new and continuing trainees are provided throughout the year, including an introduction to the myIDP website.  UAB provides many options by which trainees can receive advice about career planning, including a full-time staff person dedicated to both pre- and post-doctoral trainee advising in the UAB Career Services Office (Jami Armbrester) and bimonthly drop-in IDP consultations sponsored by the UAB CCTS.”

After this text, each PI should describe his/her own mentoring and training activities.  For example, have you participated in the Faculty Mentoring Academies or other activities provided by UAB or other institutions (University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin-Madison)?  What conversations have you had with your trainees on your grants and to what activities have you directed them to build their skill sets for their chosen career paths?