Welcome to the UAB International Studies Program

The International Studies Program promotes a holistic appreciation of the different values and structures that characterize the world’s diverse societies, as well as an understanding of the institutions that produce economic, social, cultural, and political interdependence among nations.

A major or minor in international studies provides students with the background necessary to pursue a variety of public and private-sector careers. Employment opportunities are as numerous and varied as the interests and abilities of individual students. Majors may find employment in diplomatic or foreign service; international business, law, or labor relations; international development, social service, or health agencies; the tourism industry; and non-profit as well as cultural organizations. The minor complements any major area by providing students with an international focus in their field. Many of our majors elect to pursue graduate studies in international relations, peace studies, conflict resolution studies, or strive to study immigration or international law.

The program is administered by the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, courses taught in other schools and professional programs at UAB may be relevant to the curriculum developed by a student in pursuit of his or her specific career goals. International Studies is an interdisciplinary major. Courses eligible to apply to this major may vary with the emphasis that a student chooses. See your the program director and your academic advisor for identifying an appropriate curriculum in your area of interest.