UABFile 060321


UAB IT is putting on hold the UABFile migration previously announced to a date in July. When the migration occurs, there will be a small window of downtime during which files will be accessible but cannot be edited.

The migration was progressing well, but a configuration issue in the system caused a disruption in the migration, forcing it to rescan a large portion of the data already migrated. After consulting with its partner vendor, UAB IT conducted a thorough review of the system configuration and made corrections to prevent a reoccurrence of this issue.

UAB IT is working with the vendor to set a new date and will communicate the details once that date is confirmed.

When UABFile is migrated, all shares, files, folders and permissions will be retained, but snapshot backups from the old system will not be retained. New backups will be established as the data is copied, and those will be available once the migration is complete.

If you wish to retain the old backup data, refer to this UABFile Versioning and Recovery knowledge article to learn how to access and copy the old backups.