• Be vigilant against ransomware attempts

    UAB IT is aware of potential ransomware threats to medical facilities across the United States and is taking proactive steps to further protect campus computers and the network.

    In the meantime, faculty, staff and students should be vigilant against potential attacks by looking out for phishing attempts and other ransomware or malware opportunities.

    Ransomware — which can be hidden in links or attachments in emails, web sites or ads — can scramble data and allow attackers to hold it hostage for compensation.

    Learn more about ransomware and how to protect your data.

  • NCSAM: Do your part, be cyber smart

    Join us in October as we celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with some fun activities — and reminders that all of us need to work together to protect our network and our technology.

    The National Cyber Security Alliance notes that the line between our online and offline lives is blurred (if not indistinguishable). In these tech-fueled times, our homes, societal well-being, economic prosperity and nation’s security are impacted by the internet. This year’s slogan, “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart,” is timely and appropriate.

    In today’s environment, there is an overwhelming amount of information about adapting to remote working and conducting all aspects of business online. During this month, UAB IT will provide you with some quick and easy topics to keep in mind as we continue to navigate this new normal.

    But we also have some fun ways to help you keep cyber security top of mind — including our first phishing game, Catch a Phish. Play on desktop or mobile and try to catch as many “phish” as you can, while getting some needed tips about how to avoid those pesky scam emails. Play at go.uab.edu/catchafish or in the UAB mobile app.

  • Connect to campus from anywhere

    Working or learning at home and need a connection to a lab computer at UAB?

    UAB IT has implemented UABAnywhere, a Citrix Cloud virtual desktop solution. Virtual desktops allow you to access a physical user desktop in a virtual environment — which means that when classrooms and computer labs are not physically accessible, users can still connect to them from another machine and have access to the same software and programs they would in person.

    For example: Your department at UAB may offer a certain software you need to complete schoolwork, but your home computer is too old to use the software. With UABAnywhere, you can connect to a virtual desktop and use the software anyway.

    Or, you may need to access a computer lab or library computer, but current social distancing requirements mean the lab is full. UABAnywhere gives you a “seat” in the lab — without compromising safety.

    UABAnywhere can help resolve issues of specific software licensing and device requirements for software to function. The virtual desktop solution also does not require access through a VPN connection.

    By connecting to a physical desktop through UABAnywhere, users will have access to what they need to succeed, no matter where they are or what machine they are using.

  • Check occupancy in safe study spaces

    UAB has opened new safe study spaces for students to use between classes to maintain social distancing.

    These spaces follow safety protocols, including social distancing and masks being required. All UAB requirements regarding safe entry through UAB Healthcheck and GuideSafe™ Event Passport are required for use in these spaces.

    Students can check capacity in these spaces on the UAB IT web site or in the UAB app.

    UAB IT has expanded WiFi capacity in those spaces to accommodate increased network use. WiFi capacity is also expanded in Express Lot 4 for public or student use and in lots F1 (near the softball and soccer fields) and Lot G7 (on 18th street where the old Worrell Building was located).

  • PhishMe Reporter button to be removed; new button coming

    In preparation for a new phish reporting button for Outlook, UAB IT is beginning the process of removing the old PhishMe Reporter button from use. But you can always report phishing emails by simply forwarding to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which kicks off[…]

  • New Report Viewer application to debut July 19

    The UAB Report Viewer application is set to be replaced by a new system that operates within Oracle, streamlining the experience for users. The new self-service form will generally mimic the information and layout of the current UAB Report Viewer[…]

  • Stay secure while shopping online sales

    Online sales specials — such as Amazon Prime Day — draw millions of consumers for limited-time offers. But often buyers and cybercriminals expect to score big, but not for the same reasons. Last year, Bolster Research analyzed millions of web[…]

  • UABFile migration on hold

    THIS CHANGE HAS BEEN PUT ON HOLD. UAB IT is putting on hold the UABFile migration previously announced to a date in July. When the migration occurs, there will be a small window of downtime during which files will be[…]

  • Introducing Microsoft Delve

    Microsoft Delve removes the guesswork of locating shared documents and navigating file organization. Users no longer have to search various chats, emails, and folders to find that one shared document. Delve creates a personalized experience by collecting shared files from[…]

  • Classroom technology benefits remain for in-person classes

    “I plan to leverage Zoom for guest speakers after we’re back face-to-face,” said Jones, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. “During the pandemic, I was able to have some great guests join who wouldn’t have[…]

  • Tech Steps for Recent Grads

    Congrats, Blazer! You are now an alumnus of UAB. As you move away from campus life and towards your next adventure, it’s important to know the duration of your access to campus technology resources. Email – One year Once a[…]

  • Teams meetings will bar anonymous users

    UAB IT is making a change to Microsoft Teams meetings to make them more secure. On Sunday, May 2, at 5 p.m., UAB IT will change the configuration of Microsoft Teams to disable the ability for anonymous users to join[…]

  • IRS: Look out for tax refund phishing scam

    The IRS is warning of an ongoing phishing scam that targets colleges and universities, including students and staff who have “.edu” email addresses. In the emails, malicious senders impersonate the IRS, display the agency’s logo and use subject lines such[…]

  • Audio conferencing coming to Teams

    UAB IT will be enabling audio conferencing in Teams for all campus faculty and staff in February, which will make it easier for participants to dial in to a Teams meeting without using a mobile app or computer. Audio conferencing[…]

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