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The rise in the utilization of biometrics (faceID, thumbprint scans) has caused many people to wonder if passwords/passphrases are irrelevant. But it has been demonstrated that hackers can get around biometrics and compromise accounts. Therefore, passwords/passphrases are still relevant and should be used along with another form of authentication (e.g. biometrics, tokens). 

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The UAB IT Password/Passphrase Standard defines the password/passphrase requirements for the UAB environment. The requirements include:

  • Minimum length of 15 characters
  • Complexity of at least 1 character from three of the following ASCII sets: lowercase alphabetic, uppercase alphabetic, numbers and symbols

Checkout the IT Password/Passphrase Standard for all of the UAB password/passphrase requirements. If you need additional tips for creating a strong password/passphrase that meets UAB’s requirements, refer to the “Create a Secure Passphrase” video.