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Anyone traveling internationally for UAB must fill out certain forms before even stepping on the plane. UAB IT has partnered with Financial Affairs to give the process a much-needed boost to speed up the process so you can get to your destination.

The International Travel Committee asks that each international traveler submit a fully executed UAB Essential Travel Form and a UAB COVID-19 Assumption of Risk Form. Any time that a form is filled out improperly or missing information the committee would reject the application, making users resubmit applications. A new dashboard that keeps each request organized and accountable.

The dashboard was created for the committee to keep up with each step up the application and allows access to users to view each step of the approval process. This will allow for others to attach additional documents required for travel and add comments as to why they either approve or reject the travel request.

“This process eliminates the standard back and forth emails where a travel request could potentially be missed. This will help to speed up the process for approval which will help to cut down on delays in international travel,” said Eric Kirkpatrick, systems analyst for UAB IT.