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When you need to collect information, look no further than these options offered here on campus. UAB has two top tier survey forms that users can utilize for research purposes.

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool that can fulfill a number of research needs. When using Qualtrics users can build surveys, distribute them, and analyze responses online. Last year, options were added to customize branding for surveys. This allows different departments across campus to have surveys reflect the unit they are gathering information for. Qualtrics is free for faculty, staff, and students to use.

Microsoft Forms is another great option to consider for gathering data. Part of the Office 365 suite, Forms lets users create surveys and quizzes where the information collected can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel. Users can customize their forms with still and animated backgrounds, along with other exclusive Microsoft features. This application can be used for work, school, business, and even personal life. Like Qualtrics, Microsoft Forms is free for UAB faculty, staff, and students to use.