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With a detailed prompt, you can supercharge your ideas with the help of Microsoft’s free AI chatbot.

Microsoft Copilot with Data Protection is a free, web-based chatbot for UAB campus use. You can find Copilot with Data Protection by visiting microsoft.com/copilot and logging in with your BlazerID. You can also find it in Bing and the Bing mobile app; the Copilot sidebar in Edge; or in Windows 11.

This version of Copilot can help generate ideas for syllabus templates, create jokes, and even summarize news events. Because it is licensed for use at UAB, Copilot with Data Protection is a more secure alternative to free tools such as ChatGPT or Google Gemini. When you sign into Copilot with your UAB email, a green icon will appear at the top, signifying that your data and UAB’s data are secure. Using Microsoft Copilot means:

  • Chats are not saved
  • Microsoft has no eyes-on access to any of these responses
  • Interactions within this version of copilot are not used to train other Large Language Models.

Copilot with Data Protection has features designed to help generate ideas and information to help you be productive. With a detailed prompt, Copilot can help you write the first draft of an email, summarize a report or analyze data. Features included in Copilot include:

  • Notebook, which gives you a place to finetune prompts
  • File upload, which allows you to upload a variety of file formats. Keep in mind that no Sensitive or Restricted data should be uploaded into AI tools.
  • Designer, which lets you create images based on text descriptions.

Any items created through Microsoft Copilot with Data Protection, or other AI-generated content, should be used for ideation or information purposes. AI systems used at UAB should place humans at the center of deployment. UAB users are accountable for the inputs and outputs in AI tools, and must learn how to critically evaluate and use the tools, exercise decision making and judgment, and retain control over the use of AI. Users can find the official UAB AI guidelines here.  

To learn more about AI on campus, and see upcoming AI events, visit the UAB AI website.