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UAB IT has wrapped up a months-long project to transition all individual UAB email accounts to modern authentication, which adds greater security, particularly when using mobile devices. 

Modern authentication requires you to use two-factor authentication — at UAB, that means Duo — when logging in to email.  

All individual accounts have been transitioned to modern authentication. Throughout the summer, UAB IT communicated with more than 5,000 users who were still using basic authentication on older devices or older mail applications.  

The transition, completed before a deadline set by Microsoft to transition email accounts, brings greater security to UAB email accounts because of the requirement to use Duo two-factor authentication. 

You should always be mindful not to approve any Duo authentication request that you did not make. 

If you have any issues with email login, particularly on older devices, contact AskIT at uab.edu/techhelp or 205-996-5555.