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In partnership with the Division of eLearning and Professional Studies, UAB IT has built an automated interface to schedule Lecture Capture recordings into Kaltura, UAB’s multimedia content management system for Canvas.

“eLearning had to manually schedule courses by uploading a spreadsheet of classes each semester,” said Allen Kelly, applications engineer with UAB IT. “If there was a change to the schedule a functional user would be required to manually update each scheduled entry.”

The update allows for an automated process to handle any changes. This means that a user no longer has to go in and manually update the schedule anytime a change occurs. The only time someone will have to adjust is for uploading a schedule or hardware errors. This increases the reliability of Lecture Capture recordings by automating what was a manual change process.

UAB eLearning is grateful for the partnership and collaborative efforts placed on improving Lecture Capture for faculty and students.