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Have trouble scheduling meetings with your team members?

Microsoft offers FindTime, an Outlook add-in for scheduling meetings. The application is automatically integrated to run with platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

You can follow these easy directions here to install FindTime for your web browser or desktop app.

Meeting organizers can send FindTime polls with multiple time slots for attendees to choose from for meetings. A poll can cut down on the back and forth emails that come with trying to schedule meetings with multiple people. People receiving invites can even suggest different times for the poll if they have a conflict with any times that were selected previously.

Attendees for the meetings do not have to have FindTime downloaded to receive the meeting polls, and anyone can be invited, even if they use a different email service. Any device can access FindTime invites- mobile, desktop, or web. However, the organizer must be on Office 365 and can access the FindTime add-in, according to Microsoft.