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By remembering these simple tips, you can keep the hackers and scammers away!  

Use 2-Factor Authentication. 
  • 2-Factor Authentication is an effective tool to stop hackers and scammers. The way that 2-Factor Authentication works is very simple. When you log into your account with 2FA set up, you will be prompted to verify your login on a second device or enter an additional password, code, etc. This verification notification is different every time and typically sent to the user’s phone via a call, text, or push notification. Push notifications are the preferred way to approve your login when using Duo, UAB’s 2-Factor Authentication solution.  
Update your phone software regularly. 
  • Updates serve many purposes other than getting to use the new emojis. Updates are typically released to patch known security issues that will protect your information from potential threats. It’s important to update your devices as soon as a new update is released. 
Avoid charging your phone in public ports. 
  • Have you ever been on a layover or walking the mall and you notice your phone battery running low? Your first instinct would be to look for a public charging port to get more “juice.” However, public ports can be very dangerous and result in “juice jacking,” where public ports are loaded with malware to maliciously access electronic devices while they are being charged. Instead, it’s better to carry a small portable charger to use in a pinch. 
Delete apps that you do not use. 
  • Do you really read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them? Sometimes those terms and conditions allow apps to access personal information on your device that you that you typically wouldn’t approve of. If there’s an application on your device that you’re longer using, it is always best to remove it. This creates one less access point for bad actors.  
Disable Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. 
  • Disabling Bluetooth and GPS when not in use is very crucial to keeping your phone as safe as possible. Every WiFI or Bluetooth compatible device has a MAC address. This is a unique code that is used like a history log. It tracks where you have been and what you have connected to. It is very important to keep the MAC address as safe as possible by disabling Bluetooth and GPS when not in use.