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The UAB Information Technology SharePoint team will be hosting various training session events online to help promote collaboration across campus and offer assistance to new users.  

SharePoint is a web-based service provided through Microsoft 365. It promotes collaboration across teams by utilizing workflow “lists” and helps control who has access to what. SharePoint is customizable and even has the ability to create apps.  

“I began to see an increased number of new users coming to SharePoint and noticed that there was a need for entry-level training,” said Eric Kirkpatrick, a systems analyst for IT. “These sessions will be an opportunity to meet our users and introduce our new team to campus.” 

Kirkpatrick and his team provide service and support for all SharePoint-related matters on campus. They are the experts for all things SharePoint and offer professional fee-based services to help create custom applications. Hosting this series will allow the team to provide the UAB community with instruction focused directly on what they need help with.  

“Years ago, our team would host a monthly group meeting on campus. We would have guest speakers from across the UAB community share from their areas,” Kirkpatrick said. “Our team would then take the floor and present a topic, usually a new development project. These events were great in bringing our user community together to share ideas.” 

The first event in this new series will be held Sept. 18. Users attending the event will be introduced to the new SharePoint team, learn how to log in to SharePoint, troubleshoot login issues, and discuss a variety of topics about site layout and features.  

“The main goal for the team is to teach users about using SharePoint. We also want to empower the community and spark a new interest in using it,” Kirkpatrick said. “When they attend these events, we want them to leave with ideas on how to organize and transform their data.”  

You can sign up for this event by visiting the campus calendar.