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Change is hard, but transitioning to myUAB was easy. Within 10 minutes, I customized my homepage experience and am now in control of how I access the resources and applications that are important to me.

MyUAB launched in 2020 to provide employees with a single portal for employee news, applications, links and information. Since the initial launch, it has received upgrades to optimize its performance for faculty, staff, and students. In January of this year, beta testing began for myAcademics, a new tab that houses student information, coursework, registration information, payment portals, and more. Whether you are faculty, staff or a student, myUAB has three widgets that can help us all customize our homepage and create an optimal workflow.

The first widget is myApps. Its location is in the top left of your myHome page, and these are applications that require single sign-on. By using myUAB as your landing page, you only sign in once. As a full-time employee, I found my top three apps to be Outlook, Box, and Oracle. These are the ones I visit the most daily, and it is easy to click a button and be launched straight into the app. myApps has shortcuts to other SSO applications like Kronos, Canvas, and Asana. Don’t worry though, there are over 60 apps that you can customize on your homepage.

Right under myApps is a section called UAB QuickLinks, this is where you can find some important resources that are spread across campus. It is the information you need less frequently, but ones you want easy access to. Saving your Quicklinks takes the trouble out of remembering URLs or navigating web pages to find the information you need. My quick links include AskIT, BlazerPulse, and the Brand & Comm toolkit. UAB Benefits, ONE Card Balances, and Campus Map are other quick links that could be added to your homepage.

The final widget is called myBookmarks, which are the unique-to-you links. This is ideal for web pages that you visit frequently. As a communicator for the IT department, I have the majority of our social media accounts and backend pages for IT bookmarked. This section changes the most as my projects and priorities adjust. Each section can be easily managed and updated as you need.

This application is just at the beginning. Now, the team is working on new integrations for the myWork tab which will bring more power to myUAB and how we navigate our online resources. Start your day with myUAB by setting it as your browser start up page.

Learn how to customize your myUAB and browser start up page with these resources:

Customize myApps:

  1. Click “Manage Apps”
  2. Explore the three sections of applications or search the app name.
  3. Click “add” to include this app on your homepage. Click “launch” to immediately open the application in a new window.
  4. Once added, you can click and drag the icon to reorganize your apps.

Customize UAB Quicklinks:

  1. Click “Manage Quicklinks”
  2. You can explore the complete list of UAB quick links and add to your homepage by clicking “+”.
  3. Click outside of the pop-up window to complete your customization.
  4. Once added, you can click and drag each link to reorganize your links.

Customize myBookmarks:

  1. Click “Manage Bookmarks”
  2. Click “Add new bookmark”
  3. Choose a simple name that you will recognize.
  4. Copy and paste webpage URL
  5. Click “Add”

Names and URLs can be edited at anytime with by clicking “Manage Booksmarks” and clicking the pencil icon to the right of the link.

Customize your browser start up page: