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Trying to manage a schedule — whether it’s for office hours or employee shifts — can be a headache, but Microsoft Bookings can help ease the pain. 

Bookings is a scheduling assistant that lives within Microsoft Office and is available for the campus community for free, as an app in Teams and through the web.  

The application can reduce the amount of time it takes to schedule a meeting. Users can plug in multiple calendars, and anyone needing to schedule an event with them can pick and choose times that are listed. Bookings is made up of three main ideas:  

  • A booking page for others to view and schedule meetings with an entity or organization, the link to the booking is shareable and can be sent directly, through Facebook, or even embedded into a website.  
  • A web app that allows owners and administrators options to view meetings and client lists, define different meeting types, edit business hours, edit staff schedules. This keeps Bookings as flexible and versatile as possible to serve the need of any organization.    
  • A business-facing mobile app for owner's administrators can see all their appointments, access customer lists, and contact information, and make manual bookings on the go. 

Bookings allow users to create multiple calendars, each one to serve a different purpose. As an administrator, you can create a calendar with staff on it, with hours they are available and what platform they can meet on. Another calendar could be just for you, with your own personal meetings that are not related to the other group.  

Want to learn more about Microsoft Bookings? Check out our YouTube video to learn more.