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UAB IT has expanded the IT Service Portal to include technology services specifically for the UAB School of Nursing, UAB Facilities and UAB Physical Security. 

“Members of the team meet with the departments to go over the requirements. They can range from simple to rather complex,” said Jerry Lawrence, an application architect who oversees the IT Service Portal. “The request forms are developed and tested by the ServiceNow team and then tested by the departments. Units are trained using the external facing request forms and the internal fulfiller forms.  The request forms are then pushed into production.”  

UAB IT also trained users and getting them acclimated to using the IT Service Portal. 

Now that these units are integrated with the IT Service Portal, collaboration has been improved between “non-UAB IT” departments. With shared workflows, Facilities can now vet cellular device requests before they are assigned to Desktop Services. The two departments can now communicate directly via request, where ticket communication can be stored in a single system.