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A new student-oriented group, DragonByte Cyber Club, has launched for those wishing to expand their knowledge and skills in cyber security.

“Our chief information security officer, Rob Ferrill, and the UAB IT Enterprise Information Security Office created this group to help students practice and get an idea of what cybersecurity professionals actually do in the field,” said Joseph Boehm, an information security engineer with UAB IT.

Students participating in DragonByte will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, network with cyber security experts at UAB, and practice the fundamentals that are needed for careers in the realm of information security.

“Students will learn real-world skills that they would use in a professional cybersecurity setting,” Boehm said. “Having a group like this on campus can benefit our community greatly by increasing the technical skillset that can have an impact on the local technical and cybersecurity landscape.”

In between the networking opportunities and learning about the field, students can expect some fun activities. Boehm has planned events like log monitoring, threat hunting, and even flag football.

Are you interested in joining? Any student can apply, click the link and fill out the Microsoft Form. There is no need for prior experience; Boehm said to just bring a curious mind.